F R O N T I E R S in B I O L O G Y & Tseng Memorial Lecture with Dr. Mary-Claire King "Anna Karenina and the Genetics of Common Disease"

Apr 04, 2012 (Wed) | 4:00 PM -5:00 PM
Berg Hall, LKSC Building : Stanford, CA

Mary-Claire King was the first to prove that breast cancer is inherited in some families, as the result of mutations in the gene that she named BRCA1. In addition to the inherited breast and ovarian cancer, her research interests include genetics of hearing loss, the genetic bases of schizophrenia, and human genetic diversity and evolution. She also pioneered the use of DNA sequencing for human rights investigations, developing the approach of sequencing mitochondrial DNA preserved in human remains, then applying this method to the identification of kidnapped children in Argentina and subsequently to cases of human rights violations on six continents.

Department:  Biochemistry

Contact: Maria | 724-8764 | marilen@stanford.edu


  • Dr. Mary-Claire King Professor, Univ. of Washington Seattle