rEvolution Transcending the Past - A 2 Day Bio-X Symposium on Modern Aspects of Evolution

Mar 12, 2012 (Mon) | 8:45 AM -5:30 PM
Clark Center Auditorium : Stanford, CA

March 12-13, 2012,Clark Center Auditorium, Stanford University. Three quarters of a century since the "Modern Synthesis" and twice as long since Darwin and Mendel, evolution is still predominantly a historical discipline. Although the essence of evolution is dynamical and founded in an interplay between molecular and population level processes, this aspect has been hardest to study. Recent breakthroughs in DNA sequencing together with experimental and computational advances, are enabling evolution to be followed and manipulated as it occurs. This has sown the seeds for a revolution in the understanding of evolution.

Department:  BioX

Contact: H. Fattaey | 650799.1608 |


  • . .
  • Richard Lenski Michigan State University
  • Daniel Fisher Stanford
  • Martin Ackerman ETH Zurich
  • Marcus Feldman Stanford
  • Scott Boyd Stanford
  • Karla Kirkegaard Stanford
  • Carlo Maley UCSF
  • Stephen Quake Stanford
  • Michael Desai Harvard
  • Jerome Bibette ESPCI, Paris
  • Russell Monds Stanford
  • Benjamin Callahan Stanford
  • Paul J. McMurdie II Stanford
  • Alan Bergland Stanford
  • Christopher Vollmers Stanford
  • Dan Kvitek Stanford
  • Sasha Levy Stanford

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