Building Useful and Affordable Consumer Health Networks

Apr 18, 2013 (Thu) | 2:00 PM -3:00 PM
Allen Building - Room 101X (Cypress Auditorium) : Stanford, CA

Inexpensive and portable e-nose technologies have been dreamed about for decades, but had not really come close to commercialization until the last decade. Pitfalls of the first years included limitations in providing useful information and led to some product failures and cancellations. Yet, as low cost sensors continue to experience strong growth on a global scale, we are getting closer to recreational and medical tricorders for personal use. Aurametrix is a system proving that individual observations combined with a multitude of measurements can be used to create a dynamic health profile and diagnose health-related problems and triggers. In this talk, I will present results of our studies and describe technologies for meaningful tracking of health.

Department:  Applied Physics

Contact: Ted Kamins | (650) 723-7537 |


  • Irene Gabashvili Lecturer