Special SAAS Seminar

Jun 24, 2024 (Mon) | 1:00 PM -2:30 PM
Li Ka Shing Center- Room LKSC 102 : Stanford, CA

Prof. Dr. Y.K. Onno Teng, Professor of Nephrology on Renal Autoimmune Diseases at Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands. Title: "Combined B cell therapies in SLE" Prof. Dr. Cees Van Kooten, Professor of Experimental Nephrology and Transplant Immunology at Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands. Title: Properdin as a local regulator of complement activation and immunity"

Department:  Immunology & Rheumatology

Contact: Leila Asgari | 6507369097 | lasgari@stanford.edu


  • Prof. Dr. Y.K. Onno Teng Professor of Nephrology
  • Prof. Dr. Cees Van Kooten