TRAM (Translational Research and Applied Medicine) Annual Research Symposium (WEBINAR)

Jun 07, 2023 (Wed) | 2:00 PM -5:00 PM : Stanford, CA

Please join us for the Translational Research and Applied Medicine (TRAM) Annual Research Symposium Zoom Webinar on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 from 2:00-5:00 pm, with Dean Felsher and Joanna Liliental. Come learn about the scientific discoveries and research breakthroughs of our TRAM scholars AND listen to the inspiring translational medicine talks of our keynote speakers.

Department:  Translational Research and Applied Medicine

Contact: Joanna Liliental | use email |


  • Alice FAN, MD Assistant Professor
  • Garry Nolan, PhD Professor
  • Mark Davis, MD, PhD Professor

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